The 5 Best Places to Visit in Britain

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There is no doubt that England is a country with very beautiful cities and amazing national parks. The 5 best places and cities in England may be found in locations such as Yorkshire, Lake District, Cotswolds, London, Suffolk or Brighton. You can spend an amazing trip in the following places in the UK.

England may be small, but a holiday here can be awe-inspiring, with its stunning beaches, bustling cities, and off-the-beaten-track villages. The United Kingdom has numerous lovely places where you can go with your partner to spend a relaxing weekend. Whether you’re visiting from abroad or trying to plan your next vacation, this article will help you discover what you should visit in England.

  1. Lake District National Park

It has plenty to offer, such as high mountains, wonderful lakes as well as several smaller tarns, and visitors can go swimming and canoeing. There are so many interesting things to do and the stunning views make visitors all over the world decide to come here. The Lake District’s patchwork of valleys and fells make it a great location to get outdoors. The popular region one is home to Scafell Pike and gets visited by more than 23-million people yearly. Do keep in mind to catch all the fantastic landscapes on camera, as the experience will be memorable! For those who love activities, we recommend camping and mountain biking in order to get to experience the excellent off-road routes.

  1. London

You can visit incredible museums, cathedrals, parks, the House of Parliament or Buckingham Palace, to name just a few. The charming pubs, art, and culture Oxford Street full of shops that get really busy in the Christmas time, all of them are also certainly worth seeing. The capital could not miss the list as one must definitely need at least several days here in order to have a memorable holiday. The unique river Thames offers many restaurants that offer a lovely view, as well as excellent and exciting cruises where you can get to meet other interesting people. In the evening you can chill in one of the many pubs and restaurants all over London after you’ve watched a play at the theatre. In case you have decided upon visiting the Tower of London and the Big Ben, you will surely find the experience really satisfying.

  1. The Cotswolds

Excellent for chocolate-box villages such as Burford and Bourton-on-the-water and a bit of pampering outdoors, The Cotswolds are filled with ample shops and tea rooms.

  1. Yorkshire

Along the ages, it has inspired several generations of painter such the Victorian artists of the Staithes Group. There is no place on earth like Yorkshire, with its Michelin-starred restaurants and sheer beauty of the county. The secret is out now and 40 million visitors travel here yearly for this grand old city.

  1. Bristol

Bristol is a wonderful and vibrant city that always offers something to do. This pretty fabulous city is certainly recommended as a great destination with a vibrant food scene and a bit of a hipster vibe.


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